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A trip to the Nevada Desert

F-150 A Drive from the Coast to the Desert

I am ready for a  first weekend trip with my brand new Magnetic Gray F150 2018 loaded with almost all the gear money can buy: From the exterior everybody will  notice Air Design´s Off Road 17 piece Full Body Kit made of a Satin Black Front Bumper Guard, a nicely styled Hood Scoop, Fender Vents, Fender Flares, Door Rocker panels, a Tailgate Spoiler and Applique. Air Design´s Body Kit  is harmoniously dressed with a  2 inch ReadyLift Suspension,  a set  of  all-terrain Black Wheels and Tires and a set of Green Brembo Brake Rotors.

F-150 A Drive from the Coast to the Desert 2

These days US  manufacturers take a very serious approach towards  Pick Ups designed with a continued effort to evolve, and oh boy, my F150 amazing looks really stands out from the crowd!

F-150 A Drive from the Coast to the Desert 3

California is a land of physical contrasts. My Girlfriend loves desert and I love the coast. So it was settled!  Our weekend trip would start with a Dark Coffee and Bacon Roll at the Drive In at  Highway 94 East,  for a memorable weekend drive from San Diego to Borrego Springs Desert, 55 miles east from San Diego .

Sunset at the Desert where I can breathe, I feel as a natural being, on my way down the dunes that are mere yards from hundred feet drop offs! I am thrilled, I feel alive.

It was a memorable weekend at the Desert under such a clear sky and with my mind full of stories from the people we met while riding on my beautiful eye-catching Truck.

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