Air Design Stinger Tokio




"During my stay in Tokyo, I was eager to learn about the lifestyle & nightlife of this technological city"

Air Design Kia Stinger Body Kit

"Something that was clear to me, was that the nightlife

was governed by bright neon lights"

Once I had settled in my hotel room, I met Akihiro, a big fan of car modification & styling. He dedicates a portion of his life to searching for accessories that he can be added to his new Kia Stinger that stole his heart the day he laid eyes on it. With its stunning appearance and performance, he couldn’t resist.

The electric blue color he picked fitted the car perfectly with the ochre-colored Brembo calipers that remind me so much of the GTR Skyline which immediately made his car fit in the street racing culture.

Air Design Kia Stinger Body Kit

Each trait I noticed from the Stinger and its OEM parts made me realize that a car with this much technology, like its diffuser that supplies downforce, has so much potential. Everything was perfectly balanced with its Borla exhaust system. Something else you can notice is the paint job on the Air Design body kit that makes perfect contrast and an explosion of color along with some amazing Rotiform rims. With those amazing Air Design frontal winglets and each one of its aerodynamic elements from the body kit, the car looked clean and complete.

Air Design Kia Stinger Body Kit

By the end of the night, I understood that a modified car taken to this level was not only a cultural art piece, but also a versatile, powerful, and aggressive machine that would make its way into the underground.