Air Design White F-250 Off Road Body Kit




Air Design Chevy F-250 Off Road Body Kit

Let’s talk about Airdesign’s brand new 2017, redesigned F250 Super Duty that was at Ford’s SEMA booth in Las Vegas last year.

Air Design Ford F-250 Off Road Fender Flares

Since we had such great luck with the F150 we wanted to keep the same DNA meanwhile modifying and making changes to fit the F250. So if you were to stand in front of it and look at the hood scoop, you can see that the lines on the hood scoop are actually aligned with the hood of the truck. This makes it feel as if it’s completely a part of the hood, as opposed to something that is added, because if you look at it from any angle, the hood scoop is an exact match to the stock hood. While also applying this aspect to the front bumper guard, it is a complete overlay complimentary with LED lights and connects all the way to the door panel so it looks completely molded at the end.

Air Design Ford F-250 Off Road Hood Scoop

Air Design Ford F-250 Off Road Rocker Panels

Moving around to the fender flares, being two inches thick it gives you that loaded, heavy duty feel. And lastly would be the back end, where you have the wing coming off the top of the bed along with the tailgate applique that has the Ford emblem on it to give you the ultimate look for the consumer’s truck.

We try to capture the California style of cars but also have a unique perception for what the customers want. So when you put Airdesign products on your vehicle, it’ll give you the ultimate feeling of personality and independence.

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