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Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Sticker

Hoj Mcdonald, aftermarket installation professional for Baddogs Mods in Ontario, Canada gives a quick overview of the “Project K” giveaway vehicle put together by Keystone Canada.

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Tailgate Spoiler

I remember pulling this thing off the lot, with nothing done to it. We wasted no time in getting started on it with some of Airdesign’s body kit pieces. We installed the rear spoiler, tailgate applique, and also the roof spoiler all on the truck. The fitment on Airdesign’s product is always very good and precise. Products like these are always going to have personal opinions and personality. These are some of my favorite pieces Airdesign has to offer. I like the way it gives the truck some length and a style look at the same time. Airdesign is really meeting that demand in the industry.

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Back Side

We decided to install some other products as well. Here we got some Grid rims, which are some bad boys. If you take a look at the dish, everyone is loving this style right now. The quality installed rims and Mickey Thompson rubber tire on there you’re not going to lose traction.

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Fender Vent

Moving down you got these power exile bed steps that actually has a hidden power board, when you’re going to get in these big lifted trucks, it’s a jump. So we got a running board that’s going to come down to assist you in getting into the truck.

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Front View

To get the names out there of all the providers that helped us put this together, we bundled pieces on one truck so we’ll have an awesome giveaway. All in all we’ve done a great job on the truck including some vinyl work.

"This is a great truck somebody is going to be very lucky to win"

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Hood Scoop

There’s more Airdesign pieces on the truck as well. You’ve got those fender vents in there that gives it a real edgy look. If you’re looking to make your truck look aggressive and mean, you’ll pick the right parts from a couple guys here at this show to get it done.

Air Design Ford F-150 Off Road Rear Aplique

Another thing is, Airdesign’s hood scoop is probably of the most popular pieces I’ve come across. Airdesign has been very good at checking the truck to see if it is using 30 or 45 degree angle, and then implements that into their parts to give them a continuity on the truck so it doesn’t look like you just stuck pieces on there.

Air Design Ford F-150 Of Road Rhino Back

Airdesign also provides you with the right templates and instructions to make sure they fit and are placed perfectly without having to worry about any damage to the truck.
I am really a fan of Airdesign. I’ve installed plenty of products throughout my time, having access to almost any part in this show, their parts are still one my favorites. We made the switch to Airdesign probably six months ago and I’d like to say the sky's the limit when it comes to these guys.

And it doesn’t just stop at the F150 either, they are loaded with parts for Chevys, Dodge, and Mustangs. I would urge you guys to take a look at the Mustang parts Airdesign has created. I’ve installed a couple of them, they’re really astonishing parts that leave the car with a clean, sleek look. Just beautiful stuff.

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