Air Design Toyota Tacoma Off Road Body Kit




Air Design Toyota Tacoma Off Road Body Kit

Bonneville is a wonderful place that developed naturally, which seemed to be born for only one reason… Run, impose, and enjoy the speed records. It is a mythical place that evokes the passion for cars, starting with the challenge of arriving.

Air Design Toyota Tacoma Off Road Body Kit

Every new place is an adventure, and so is a new accessory for my truck. Going through places like this gives me freedom meanwhile filling me with excitement and joy, just like when every element that I put into my truck. I always put the highest quality into my vehicle because it represents the passion, love, and care that I have with my Tacoma.

Air Design Speed Birds Off Road Body Kit

When I decided to travel with my friends, the Speed Birds, I realized how much I needed that freedom. Being able to see beautiful scenery, climbing mountains, or the rush of adrenaline I get when zooming through the desert. Having my truck modified with the dynamic personality from Airdesign’s body kit was the first step to inspiring me to achieve this dream.

Air Designs Speed Birds Travel

Air Design Speed Birds Travel

"What I feel cannot be described in words, but rather sensations, and right now, it feels as if my Tacoma and I are part of nature"

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