Air Design Stinger Mobis




Air Design Kia Stinger Body Kit

When I returned to California after visiting the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, I was driving through the neighborhood and saw a Stinger so appealing, I couldn’t help but to stop and look at it. I compared this stinger to the one we designed, and even though it had a similar paint job, there was a great contrast between the two.

Air Design Kia Stinger Diffuser

Our stinger, with TSW wheels and lowered suspension already made a big enough difference, but with the body kit designed and manufactured by Airdesign was the cherry on top.

Air Design Kia Stinger Hood Vent

The Stinger Federation, which strongly represents the influence of the Japanese racing style is bold and eager to run limitless in the streets while still holding complete elegance. And after having talked with Rick Straws, the owner of this vehicle, I was able to clearly see the intensification of his configuration to the Stinger. His goal was to mix in both worlds into car, one world of sophistication and the other of the street racing culture.

Air Design Kia Stinger Rear Spoiler