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About Air Design

Air Design S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter Air Design) claims to be a producer and marketer of automotive accessories and other vehicle personalization solutions.

Air Design S.A. de C.V. corporate offices are located in Avenue Dr. Gustavo Baz #43, Col. Xocoyahualco, Zip Code: 54080 in Tlalnepantla City, State of México, México.

Air Design USA, LLC claims to be the company that distributes and sells these accessories in the US and Canadá markets.

Air Design USA, LLC offices are located in 3820 Oceanic Drive, Suite 301 & 302, Oceanside CA, 92056, USA.



On stock

Air Design reserve the delivery commitment, having verified the existence of the product previously purchased or acquired.

In the case of imported products, its existence is subject to the continuity or discontinuity of the original suppliers. 

Prices, Orders and specifications about the products

Until a purchase is completed, Air Design reserves the right to change prices, specifications or other product information offered through the online store without notice.

Air Design does not guarantee a fixed price or offer refunds in the event of a price reduction occurs or a promotional offer is made after a purchase.

Air Design insists the customer always provide accurate information of their vehicle’s make, model and year and any accessory that may be installed on the vehicle. For Trucks, bed and cab information is necessary.

About Payments

The user agrees to pay for all products that purchase through Air Design's online stores and agrees that the appropriate fees such as taxes, late charges and shipping will be charged (at the rate in effect on the date of purchase).
The user has the right to cancel any purchase transaction without penalty as long as the delivery has not started. Any reimbursement is subject to the fees charged by the bank traders.
If a product becomes unavailable during a transaction but before downloading it, the only right that the user has will be receiving the refund of money paid for the unavailable product.
PayPal is the only authorized payment method for purchasing through Air Design's online stores.
PayPal accepts all AMEX, Discover, VISA, MasterCard credit cards and debit cards. This payment method requires a previous user registration on PayPal website to make the appropriate transactions.


About Delivery

Delivery time depends on inventory stocks, import times and / or bank notification times.


Guarantees, Returns and Exchanges

Air Design, warrants all our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Air Design guarantees the original purchaser of their products used under normal conditions for which the product was designed.

These products will not break during the life of the vehicle they were properly installed on when used under normal usage.

This warranty is effective only to the original purchaser and vehicle that they were installed on.

Non covered items - not following proper instructions, improper use of product, improper cleaning or detailing product and any customer modifications.

Please do not attempt to install any products that have been damaged.

Please check all freight packages you receive to be free of damage.

Any items damaged must be reported to any of Air Design's means of contact within 24 hrs. of receipt.

All boxes/packages damaged must be reported to the carrier’s driver at the time of delivery.

Digital photos can also be used to document damage.

Product that have been damaged or miss ordered do not qualify for warranty.

Painted products by the customer are not returnable.

Air Design reserves the final right on all returns.

For warranty please provide a copy of your purchase receipt

If the user wants to make an exchange non related to guarantee, shipping charges and appropriate allowances must be covered by the user. Likewise, the product should not be used.



In case of the Customer (whoever, person or company, receives a good, service, product or idea in return for monetary or other valuable considerations or anyone who contact us through our physical, virtual or analog platforms, and so called hereinafter) presents questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, and their ARCO rights (Spanish acronym for Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition Rights) covered by Mexican Federal Law on  Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, may contact the responsible at the following phone number and e-mail address: (+52) 55 53 93 66 36 ext. 215, or 

Air Design provides this Policy to better protect its Customer’s privacy and explain them its online information practices, what type of data are being collected, how are them being stored and protected; and the choices the Customer can make about the way its information is used. To make this Privacy Policy easy to find, Air Design will make it available on its websites and at every point where personally identifiable data may be requested.


About Personal Data

The filling of any form posted out by Air Design or sending any email to our mailboxes constitutes the acceptance of this Privacy Policy as well as the authorization to use personal data provided by the Customer for the purposes that may be required in relation to the Customer requests.
Likewise, registered Customers of Air Design websites,,,

(hereinafter the Sites), undertake and agree to use and navigate the Sites mentioned above and to use the content of these at their own discretion.

Customers email addresses registered at The Sites from Air Design will be used for sending promotions, press releases and to track any purchases the Customer have made through the online store and their respective deliveries, with no more responsibility for Air Design.

It should be mentioned that, by the single visit to The Sites the Customers do not provide any personal information or are obliged to provide it. Air Design just requires personal information for the sole purpose of providing the Customer a better service and to offer access to its product range. The information that will be required is the Customer’s name, last name, email address, phone, address and information of his car. Information of credit card, debit card or any other payment method will be requested only for purchases purposes.

Air Design assumes that all personal data that the Customer registers are true and correct, and that they have been introduced by its holder or by a person authorized by him, as well.

About the Guard and the Confidentiality of Personal Information and its Use and Disclosure Limitation

To Air Design is very important to protect the information and personal data of its Customers. In this respect, all employees, related companies, subsidiaries and the parties who are involved in the processing of data, are obliged to comply with this Policy dictations.

Thus, Air Design is committed to maintain the maximum protection and confidentiality of the Customers information, and use it only for the purposes originally stated.

"Air Design" will also ensure that personal data contained in the database are relevant, accurate and current for the purposes for which they were collected. When personal data were no longer required to fulfill the purposes intended by this Privacy Policy or any other applicable legal provisions, will be canceled.

Air Design has implemented all appropriate administrative, technical and physical measures at its disposal to protect the Customer’s personal data against any damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized access and treatment.

However, and despite we are equipped with the safest tools, protection of data sent over the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% safe, so once received, Air Design will do everything possible to safeguard the information.

Additionally, the Customer is constantly encouraged to change its password and to use alphanumeric combinations to maximize the confidentiality of the information. Furthermore, to verify that the Customer is browsing in a safe server, the Customer must ensure that an S is displayed in the navigation bar (Example: https://)


About Cookie’s Counters

By Cookies should be understood small pieces of information that are sent by the website to a browser and are then stored on the hard drive of a Customer’s computer. Cookies are used to determine preferences when connected to the services of any site and to track certain behaviors or activities conducted by the Customer in those sites.

It may be that in some sections of The Sites, Air Design will require the Customer to have enabled Cookies as some of the tasks require them to work.

Ways to exert “ARCO” Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition rights)

Customers may exert their “ARCO” rights, in a letter which clearly detail their requests, presented directly to Air Design Sales Department located at Avenue Dr. Gustavo Baz No. 43, Col. Xocoyahualco, Zip Code: 54080 Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, according to the following:

  • Access: Customers may request information about their personal data.

  • Correction: Customers may ask "Air Design" to correct any data, if there is an error in the registry.

  • Cancellation: The "Customer" may request to be canceled or disenrolled the data provided there is a cause to justify such action and has no contractual or legal relationship whatsoever with "Air Design"

  • Opposition: Should "The Client" has no connection or liability whatsoever with "Air Design" and decide not to hire any of their services, you can make use of this right, not sharing any data.


Revoking Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

Transfer of Personal Data

It is worth highlighting that, since Air Design asks for Customer’s personal information, will only share it with Air Design's employees, except in cases where an explicit consent was stated by the Customer or when were required by a court order to comply with some procedural provisions.

If there is any data transfer, all those involved in the treatment of them must do it in accordance with this Privacy Notice.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

To whom may file grievances and allegations of improper treatment of personal data?
About Cookie’s Counters

By Cookies should be understood small pieces of information that are sent by the website to a browser and are then stored on the hard drive of a Customer’s computer. Cookies are used to determine preferences when connected to the services of any site and to track certain behaviors or activities conducted by the Customer in those sites.

It may be that in some sections of The Sites, Air Design will require the Customer to have enabled Cookies as some of the tasks require them to work.